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The Art of Sacred Space

Together, we’ll look at your home from a sacred perspective. Depending on the scope of your needs, we can break it down room-by-room and examine the elements we need to raise the vibration of your space, and the energy each room holds. We’ll look at how you move through the space, and everything that comes in and everything that goes out. And we’ll start by asking: what does sacred space mean to you? What are the most treasured areas of your home and most valued possessions? What’s the most challenging area of your home?

We’ll keep ourselves rooted in organization for the sake of productivity, prosperity, abundance, love, creativity, family, travel, connection, raising the vibration and, above all, spirit. We’ll connect to our families, our parents, grandparents, our lineage, our present state and sowing seeds for the future. We’ll ask: How much do we really need? How much can we share with our our community/friends/co-workers?

When we’re not organized we’re truly unaware of what we have, so it’s difficult to fully realize what we need. Organizing is a form of meditation for me, and it can be for you, too.


Organizing & Aromatherapy

With doTerra's certified pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils

I’ve been a Wellness Advocate for more than a year now and proudly use, share and sell doTerra essential oils. This has been a fantastic extension of my organizing business and it leaves clients with a little something extra. If you’re interested in incorporating these highly medicinal and therapeutic plant-based essences into the organizing session, I’ll bring my kit and diffuser and at the beginning of the session you can choose which scent you like most and diffuse it in the air, add some to water or have aromatic experiences where you directly apply the oil to your skin. Research shows that these oils are highly beneficial to our daily lives—especially when going through the home or office space, emotions, stress and tension levels may get a little out of whack. Essential oils are a peaceful, natural solution.

At the end of each session if you liked the experience and want it for yourself, I can set you up with the best diffuser to choose for your space and you can order the oils that make the most sense for you, your space and your personal needs.


Etsy Shop

My Etsy shop is an extension of my home organization business, where I offer goods that that help create more love, connection, creativity, and support in the home and in the heart.