H O U S E  of   L O V E  does:
Filing / Packing / Garages /Kitchen & Pantry / Bath & Bed
 Personal Shopping / Media Archiving / Seasonal Purging
Compassionate Calendaring & Goal Making



Colleen is an expert with paper pileup—she's truly a sorting whiz! She’ll get through stacks and stacks of all types of paperwork with ease, and with full respect to sensitive materials. If you have boxes and boxes of paper, or just an outdated filing cabinet, Colleen will whip it into shape.

What to expect:

  • Sorting through and opening up all mail
  • Shredding outdated sensitive documents
  • Recycling ads, junk mail and unwanted paper
  • Setting up an easy organizational system that works for you. For example, using one-color hanging file folders and 3-tab manila folders to create easy-to-maintain categories.

Your office and all its piles of random office-type stuff can be sorted and regrouped in ways that will make you feel like you have plenty of supplies and can quickly access them when desired. Also implemented is an Incoming/Outgoing/To-do work flow that is easily manageable. Colleen can even create advanced levels of organizing using a paper scanning device with simple software to start digitizing all that is the vastness of your Paperland.



If you're packing for a move or planning for a trip, you’ll be surprised how organized you can get when Colleen comes over. You’ll get things pared down to the necessities, creating order and thoughtfulness, while using all of your assets in systematic ways that make the most sense to you. From exactly which kind of box to use for certain contents, to revamping to a perfect toiletry bag and streamlining your entire closet, you will feel confident and excited for your next adventure!



If you have columns of boxes floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall, or can’t even get into the room, let’s go through it! Let’s discover what treasures you have and begin to store them correctly—with love—and pull out and elevate what has meaning and sentiment to you. Every time a client makes a conscious decision to embark on these areas of the home, so much open-ness is created, literally and symbolically. Let’s bring life into all the collected holiday decor. Let’s revamp tool time. Let’s create easy shelving with clear bins so we can see what we have, and of course label it all!

While doing the big purge, you might find items you have have been holding onto for years and are ready to let go of. For items you no longer want to keep, we’ll send things off to donation centers, post them on Craigslist to make a few bucks, or pay them forward to family, friends and loved ones. We can also set up a dump run or schedule a remove-my-junk appointment.

3_Bed IMAGE.jpg

Bath & Bed, Kitchen & Pantry

Your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom are the high-powered and high-functioning organs of your home.

These are the rooms you use every day, so let’s create the most efficient, harmonious, and clutter-free experiences in each one of these spaces. Kitchens and bathrooms must have organization to function fully, especially when those rooms have products that expire and then can be harmful to our bodies. Let Colleen turn your kitchen into the dream food prep room you have always wanted to use. She'll go through everything—all the nooks and crannies and then put it back together in a way that makes the most sense to who's going to be using it. This is the same for the bathroom and pantries.

The bedroom is a place where Colleen will bring in some basic feng shui values, creating peace & serenity in your resting and restoring space. Even if you need to fit a desk in there too!

You will be amazed how coming home to an organized home by House of Love can keep you healthy, happy and even productive, because you know where everything is!


Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Styling

Sometimes in our busy lives it’s hard to catch up on what’s the latest and greatest, not to mention getting them for prices you can afford. House of Love does a lot of personal shopping for clients when needed. Usually after a session or two, we’ve determined some key pieces that would really help out the space. And it might be the right time to do a little “premeditated shopping” where we know exactly what we need for a specific situation.

Colleen is a pro at knowing where to go, doing what needs to get done and having outstanding results to show for it. Personal Shopping is for everything from furniture and organizational tools (think IKEA or The Container Store) to appliances to technology, and of course clothing! Colleen worked in the fashion industry for years in New York and has an MFA in Photography. Her eye for fashion, what fits properly, what is reasonable and how you can push the envelope are all on point.


Media Archiving

Collections, From Analog to Digital, Album-ing,
Photo & Music Organization

This is truly one of Colleen’s exquisite passions and specialties. Colleen holds a Masters in Photography from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York and can take any box of photographs and turn them into beautiful displays as well as storing them safely and with archival practices.

What we can do:

  • Choose the perfect frame for your most adored images and even your stored pieces of art.
  • Scan all your old photographs into easy-to-share digital files, grouping them by year, decade, year, event, and more.
  • Select the correct archival boxes for your collections., and album events that want to be shared and kept recorded.
  • Minimize all the space DVD’s, CD’s, cords, electronics take up and convert it to a more simplified organized system that creates easy access to your entertainment and enjoyment.

Photographs are some of the most prized, priceless possessions we have, and are often sometimes the most difficult to sort through, edit, and even do something with. Colleen is an expert in this domain and will ELEVATE your memories, family stories, framing your success and take care of your memories for future generations to experience.


Seasonal Purging

You can book four sessions with Colleen which are spread out once every 3-to-4 months. The followup sessions after the first are seasonal maintenance. And they’ll focus on the new season we’re entering, or the season we are transitioning out of.

House of Love Seasonal Purging is a little bit of everything:

  • Updating the filing cabinet
  • Doing a light bathroom/toiletry purge
  • Looking over the closet for mending
  • Alterations/dry cleaning
  • Pulling out the next season’s wardrobe and putting away last season’s clothes
  • Doing a top-to-bottom house inventory of what needs to be done and how to proceed in those areas.

The great approach to this is that we book those sessions out for the year, to help keep you on-track and looking forward to revamping each season.


Compassionate Calendaring
& Goal Making

If you are feeling completely overwhelmed with projects, time management, your personal calendar, and keeping up with family and social events, you can hire Colleen for an hour of consulting. The consulting rate is $100 per hour and we meet off-site or at your home—wherever feels most comfortable for you. This session is designed for you to focus on your goals and needs, your to-do’s, and time management.

You should bring your laptop/iPad/tablet/smartphone or old fashioned wall calendar or daily planner. We will focus directly on creating solutions for whatever is holding you up, and immediately start laying out a calendaring approach that works best for you, while getting down on paper your lists of things to do and how to break them down into bite sized pieces. This is meant to help organize the mental space and not the physical space. And although they are deeply connected, sometimes we have to separate the two parts to see them more clearly.

Colleen will also answer any specific questions you may have that could be helpful to your own personal ways of organizing. In the Consulting sessions, Colleen’s tips, tricks, experience and know-how is an open book—ready for you to download in a one-on-one session.